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Registration Dates
8/1/2016  To  8/3/2016
8:00 AM  To  11:00 AM
PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE YOUR CHILD'S Grade Level for Specific Dates/Times

         Proofs of residence REQUIRED to register for any student entering Semmes Middle School for the first time. STUDENTS who attended SMS as a sixth or seventh grader during 2015-16 year DO NOT have to provide proofs unless prompted to provide documentation during the online registration process. You must have a street address. P. O. Box addresses will not be accepted. All proofs must have guardian name and current street address (no copies accepted). Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card REQUIRED for I.D. purposes only, not acceptable as a proof. TWO of the following items are required. One of your proofs MUST be one of these items and must be an original. Deed, property tax receipt, lease, rent receipt, homeowner's insurance, mortgage statement. You must also have one item from this list. • Utility Bills (power, water, gas, or deposit receipt) • Phone Bill (cell bill acceptable) • Cable TV Bill or Satellite • Trash Pick Up Bill • Social Security Records (check from SS Office, welfare or correspondence from SS Office) • Bank Statement, Records or Receipts (business tax records) • Employment Records (payroll check, verification from employer) • Charge Account Statement (any TWO major account statements count as ONE proof) • Income Tax Records (check receipt, correspondence from IRS mailed to parent/guardian) Only proofs that are approved by the MCPSS will be accepted-NO EXCEPTIONS.

8:00 AM  To  11:00 AM
6th Grade Final Registration


8:00 AM  To  11:00 AM
7th Grade Final Registration


8:00 AM  To  11:00 AM
8th Grade Final Registration



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