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Early Dismissals, Regular Dismissals and Car Line Procedures
Posted On:
Friday, February 19, 2016
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All Students Must be Picked up by 3 pm

Early Dismissals--Everyone who comes to pick up a student from Semmes Middle School must be 18 or older, present a valid picture I.D., and be listed as a contact for the student. Please do not send someone to pick up your child that is not listed in the computer as we cannot release the student to them. In order to make changes to contacts in the computer, parents are required to come to school and fill out an updated information sheet. This is for the safety of all students.  No early dismissals after 2 pm. 


Regular Dismissals--Please adhere to the guidelines listed for take in and dismissal.  Please do not let your child walk out to any area on or off campus to be picked up. Students must be picked up or dropped off in car line unless they are a bus rider or walk home.

Students are to be picked up by 3:10 pm in the afternoon.  Students cannot be left unattended.  Students may only stay after school for events with a sponsor.  The Mobile County Sheriff's Department will be notified for students left after 3:10 pm.  


In addition, the Semmes Park Athletic Board and Committees want parents and students to be aware of the following: the athletic fields and park facilities are being closely monitored by video surveillance for trespassers and vandalism.  These violations will be reported to the Mobile County Sheriff's Department and they will proceed with necessary actions.


These policies are in place for your child's safety.  Thank you for assisting with this matter.







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