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Box Tops for Education Collection Drive 16-17
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016
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Download the App for Even More Box Tops!

Each Box Tops is worth TEN CENTS. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up.


Look What We Could Earn


# of                  Box Tops        # of                  Box Tops        Earning

Students         Per Month       Months           Value               Potential

1400                                1                 8                  $0.10                  $1,120

1400                                2                 8                  $0.10                  $2,240

1400                                5                 8                  $0.10                  $5,600

1400                               10                8                  $0.10               $11,200


For a complete list of participating products, sweepstakes, valuable coupons and how to sign up for the Box Tops app see


Incentives are being arranged for the learning community that collects the most by the following dates; Feb 20th and May 22nd.

Send in your Box Tops, don’t hold on to them. THEY DO EXPIRE.                          

 Please send them in an envelope and put your child's name and learning community on the envelope.

 Thank you.

 Your Semmes Middle School PTO

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