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History Day Winners
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Friday, April 07, 2017
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Thirteen Students Participated

Semmes Middle School sent 13 students to Mobile County’s History Day. The theme of this year’s history day is “Taking a Stand.” These students won their school wide competition, and were able to compete against other middle schools in the county. At the county competition, Brennon, Jeremy, Caleb, and Thomas won 1st place with their group performance on the Battle of Athens TN. We are proud of our Bulldogs!

Alyssa Mayhall – “Astor Opera House”
Lee Lafitte – “Muhammad Ali and the Vietnam War”
Howard Zhou – “Dietrich Bonhoefer: Taking a Stand Against Hitler”
Madison Moss, Harvey Zhou, and John Weaver – “The First Opium War”

Harleigh Bohanon and Sharon Garcia – “Flappers: Free Spirits of the Twenties”
Alexus Harvitt – “Sophie Scholl and Her Stand Against Hitler”

Brennon Snook, Jeremy Skipper, Caleb Davis, and Thomas Junkins – “The Battle of Athens, TN”








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