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Fee and Payment Information

All payments due by 8:30 am each day

All money must be turned in daily by 8:30 a.m.  This includes field trips, t-shirts, etc.  Students must have correct change.

  • General fees ($15) and Science lab fees ($10)  are to be paid in the Learning Community. One check may be written for both ($25)

              Fine Arts--Mrs. Varner in room 704

              Keystone--Mr. Eudy in his office

              STEM--Mrs. Long in her office

              STAR--Mrs. McMillan in room 804 

  • PE fees to PE teachers.

           $25 PE Fees ($10 Shirt/$10 Shorts/$5 PE Locker)

  • Elective fees and Club fees to teachers and/or sponsors                        

Checks require Driver's License # & two (2) telephone numbers. Checks will not be accepted without this information.

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