Online Learning FAQs 

What Is Schoology?

All of our classes will be offered on a learning platform called Schoology (pronounced: Skoo’-luh-jee). Students will be able to access their courses, assignments and live lessons taught by their teachers all in the same place.


How Do We Access Schoology?

There are two ways:

  • Go to: (Note: do not put www in front of the web address).
  • Or, you can go to Click on the “Our Students” icon at the top of the page. This will direct you to the Clever page, where you can click “Log In With Active Directory” to access Schoology.


 How Do We Log On To Schoology?

Students log on to Schoology with their school-issued email address and password as follows:

  • Username: Your child’s first, middle and last initial, followed by the  last 6 digits of his or her ID#, and

    o   Example:

    o   NOTE: If you are using an MCPSS-issued computer, you may not need to include the to log on.

  • Password: Capitalize the first letter of the first name, lowercase the first letter of the last name, and add the 8-digit birthdate.

    o   Example: Sm01012010


    Can I Access Schoology From A Tablet Or Phone?

    Yes. You will not have access to as many features as you would if you were using a laptop. But students, particularly those in early elementary grades, may prefer using a tablet.


    How Will My Child Access His/Her Classes On Schoology?

    Once a student is logged on to Schoology, he or she will see a dashboard with icons representing each of the courses he or she is taking this quarter. Click on each icon to gain access to the live lessons as well as content and assignment your teacher has posted for that class. Note that most teachers are waiting until September 1 to start posting content.


    Are There Any Tutorials Available On How To Use Schoology?

    Yes. You may visit our Schoology tab on the website and/or visit for information about our remote learning program and video tutorials on Schoology. You can also join our Student/Parent Orientation group on Schoology for instructions and updates. To do that, first make sure your child is logged on to Schoology.

    Click “Groups,” “Join a Group,” and then enter code: 33BB-5VB5-GVZF3


    When Should My Child Log On?

    Your school will provide your child’s schedule. Middle and high school students will move through their courses on their school’s bell schedule. We recommend that students log on daily for the live lessons. But if your family’s schedule will not allow that, your child can log on later in the day.


    Will Daily Attendance Be Counted?

    Yes. Mobile County Public Schools’ attendance policy is in effect. To be counted present, your child must log on to Schoology by 11:59 p.m. on each school day.


    How Can I Keep Up With My Child’s Progress?

    Schoology will send out a weekly email to parents letting them know how their children are doing. Parent accounts are created that will allow them to look at the work their child has submitted, check grades and attendance, and contact the teacher. Directions provided.


    Where Can I Go For Technical Help?

    If you need help, please check with your teacher or your school first. If you have done that and still need technical assistance, call our hotline at: 221-7777 Monday-Friday from 3PM-8 PM.


    Where Can I Go For Academic Help?

    If your child is struggling, please let your teacher know so he or she can provide extra assistance. Teachers will lead small group and intervention lessons to help prevent students from falling behind. You can also speak to tutors live at


    What Other Support Is MCPSS Providing?

    We have counselors available to talk to students who are struggling. Our Special Education resource teachers are available to provide a second delivery of content and intervention. Our English as a Second- Language staff can provide translations. All of our school cafeterias are providing meals for our students free-of-charge each Monday for the whole week. Starting on September 7, you will have to have your child’s ID# or barcode to pick up the meals. Check your school’s Facebook page or website for pick-up instructions. We are also providing laptops and devices to students who need them.


    I Need A Device, But My School Did Not Have One For Me. Where Can I Get One?

    Please let your child’s teacher know that you did not receive a device and need one. The teacher will work with the principal to help you obtain a device.


    I Do Not Have Internet Access At Home. What Should I Do?

    Please let your child’s teacher know that you are in need of an internet hotspot. If a hotspot is not immediately available, you may access the internet on one of our many Wifi Buses located across Mobile County. Additionally, the State of Alabama is also providing free internet service through the Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students Program. Because all MCPSS students receive breakfast and lunch at no cost, you are already enrolled in the Alabama Broadband Connectivity for Students program. You will receive a prepaid voucher letter by U.S. mail in the coming weeks. Then all you’ll have to do is call the internet service provider of your choice, give them your voucher number, and sign up for service.